B1 - Applicants and Registrants by Program


ProgramAttended an Ontario Secondary School in the previous yearAll Others (Non-Secondary School)Total
Arts/Humanities/Social Science   
Total applicants (first choice)18774212298
Total registrants (first choice)11231241247
Total applications (all choices)9620134010960
Total registrants (all choices)22321922424
Total applicants (first choice)23072302
Total registrants (first choice)9711108
Total applications (all choices)25193042823
Total registrants (all choices)31922341
Commerce/Mgmt/Business Admin   
Total applicants (first choice)11832071390
Total registrants (first choice)49334527
Total applications (all choices)58787506628
Total registrants (all choices)1037621099
Phys/Health Ed/Recreation   
Total applicants (first choice)29035325
Total registrants (first choice)982100
Total applications (all choices)13471091456
Total registrants (all choices)1573160
Total applicants (first choice)12641167
Total registrants (first choice)501666
Total applications (all choices)42680506
Total registrants (all choices)811798
Diploma Program   
Total applicants (first choice) 2424
Total registrants (first choice)  0
Total applications (all choices) 3333
Total registrants (all choices)  0